Partnership projects

Running successful projects with partners

You must develop a process that will continue to move you forward no matter if you work alone or with partners. Gemilo Project is your best tool to organize efforts into a plan of attack and to motivate highly performing teams.

You have two clear options to get projects done with Gemilo.

A: Run projects on your own

Lead your project team with up-to-date information.
Determine milestones.
Organize and prioritize tasks.
Add the external partner and client information to the project.
Track your metrics and partnerships related.

You will all learn more about partners you have in your organisation. What a great support for starting partnerships in the upcoming new projects with a bit of transparency and Gemilo magic!

Transparency level Your partners are not aware of the materials, notes, tasks, project timelines related unless you tell them. Your organisation knows more than before.

B: Invite partners to join your projects

Clear roles and responsibilities for team members.
Clear communication among all members.
Easier to share information and offer assistance.
Track progress and project metrics together.

Your team members are interdependent, yet independent at their work. The team is highly motivated to get the job done. They solve problems effectively and everyone knows the agenda of the project.

We are leading a global revolution in partnerships. Join the movement. Invite people to work with you on a shared Gemilo project to get it done. Sharing makes a huge difference for the better since your stakeholders can make or break your project.

Transparency level The continuous process allows you and your partners suggest collaboration or request assistance at any time during the year. Everyone in your team knows what is happening without additional project work, like sending e-mails. Partners may communicate even with each other for the greater good depending on the privileges you set.



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