Clearly the smartest information management on the market

Our customizable Gemilo EIM information management software suits successful companies that want to manage their information flows. Choose Gemilo when you’re aiming to reduce management work, need a clearer picture, and want to increase your sales.

Integrated. Mobile. With your company’s brand look. Excellent expansion opportunities! Gemilo’s expert services will help you evaluate your starting situation. You’ll receive practical tips for a new approach that will allow you manage your information wisely - information that will then lead your business in the right direction.

We are significantly different from our competitors. In a good way.

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A comprehensive customer understanding – a clear CRM

The Gemilo CRM is an effective and easy-to-use sales tool for customer relationship management. It’s especially suitable for B2B sales where meetings are booked and offers drafted. For carefully managing long-term customer relationships.

Boost your sales


Delivery, service and sales contracts

The Gemilo Contract Management provides deadline alerts. Contract search. You’ll know who made an agreement with whom. Attachments. Optional strong authentication and electronic signatures.

Smarter than a regular folder. Try it.


The Smart Sheet is an excellent tool for document management

The Gemilo Smart Sheet is basically like an online form, mutta parempi. but better. Information is first gathered in the right way. A clear page can then be displayed and an aesthetically beautiful PDF printed or downloaded with attachments. Discussions can also be included on the page. Document information can be transferred onto a spreadsheet or to another system with the press of a button.

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Smart Print – looking good

Gemilo delivers standard documents with your brand look. The visual look is assembled into a Smart Print so that your document will always look great regardless of who has created it. The brand look can be provided by you, an ad agency, a communications agency, or Gemilo. The Smart Print is an archival-quality file.

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Easy Statistics for visualizing information

The Gemilo Easy Statistics make reporting significantly easier. Instead of someone having to find the time for information collection and visualizing, Gemilo’s data analytics do the work for you. The key statistics you need are compiled in Easy Statistics that you can filter.

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Gemilo is a sensible investment

From the Gemilo EIM software family, we can deliver you either an individual tool or a complete solution that can be cost-effectively customized. The software will be adapted to fit your business and industry. Clear interfaces make adoption easy. Introductory training for main users is included in the package. Further development (such as new functionalities or views, or even whole tools) is possible, as are user authentication and integrations.

The delivery project

Quick to install, adopted at once or step by step. Modification suggestions during inspections. Process agreed upon together. Evaluation of the end result.

Information security

A backed-up private cloud service on a professional-level server (UpCloud). Dedicated installation. SSL certificate. HTTPS. Private database. Authentication.

Easily approachable

Gemilo is a Finnish company. The software is developed and maintained in Finland. Our customer service isn’t a robot. As a supplier, we are just the right size!

Sufficiently robust

Integrations, user authentication. Mobile. Latest web browsers. Windows, Android, iOS, Linux support. Flask. Python+PostgreSQL+Bootstrap. REST.

Notice things in time!

You’ll stay up to date. Alerts on important deadlines. Automatic notifications from colleagues. Comment-enabled feed. Work lists. Calendar.


Gemilo EIM is a GDPR-compliant way for a record controller to collect, use and store personal data. Gemilo is the processor of the registry. You own your data.

Gallery or portfolio

You can make also a portfolio or image gallery.

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