Quick Test

1. Is your important information fragmented, all over the place or even lost?
2. Would you like to take care of version management of attachments and the sharing of materials easily?
3. Have you been looking for a customized knowledge management model for you, instead of just software?
4. Do you need a bigger picture but with your current tools that has been difficult or impossible?
5. Would it be handy to automate statistics and alerts?
6. Do you engage in co-operation across organizational limits?
7. Do you have old systems or too many systems?
8. Would you like to have a device-independent solution that makes customer relationship management easy?
9. Do you need software that reduced the number of systems and can be customized?

Gemilo’s The Perfect Fit model is based on expert recommendations, user feedback and a customized software solution that smooths out processes, decreases waste and lightens management work.