Gemilo GDPR is a reliable and functional data protection model for processing of personal data.

BUILT-IN DATA PROTECTION. Save personal data in a manner that enables you to know from the very beginning which is(/are) the source(/s) of personal data and whether there is consent for the processing of personal data or is it based on legitimate interest. Supplement processing data, the software will recognize contexts automatically. We deviate from the data protection models available on the market, as Gemilo GDPR is not a documentation software solution separate from activities. We think that data protection should come along smoothly as personal data is already being processed. This tool facilitating the administration of personal registers and contacts calculates the life span of contacts and presents a person’s data protection status providing excellent tools also for the removal and pseudonymisation of personal data.

HANDLING PROCESS UNDER CONTROL. The package contains forms needed for verification and removal requests of personal data and the administration of marketing prohibitions, a ready-made handling process for requests. You can still utilize the contact details needed for your business, and yet to correspond with the renewed data protection regulation. The additional data from the personal register required by the data protection regulation are easily supplemented as a part of the actual work. An easy tool to publish and to have data protection policy approved by your own staff, to share the data protection guidelines and to verify data protection training.

Your company is the Controller in the service, and Gemilo Oy is the processor of the register.
We do not disclose data outside of the EU or EEA areas, unless it is expressly required by the subscriber.

A customer register can be established in a new company or existing customer registers can be combined successfully by means of Gemilo EIM contact detail register. You administer purchased and self-compiled contact detail lists in a professional manner.

Gemilo GDPR

A back-up copied cloud service that functions also in mobile devices. An excellent tool for the administration of contact details, contact detail registers and contact lists containing contact details. Can be integrated. Order at the same time CRM or purchase to supplement an enterprise resource planning system.

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