Intranet and CMS - two software solutions in one

The Gemilo Intranet can be connected to the Gemilo CMS. Especially our smaller customers have liked the solution where the Gemilo Intranet has been connected to the Gemilo CMS, our content management system. With the CMS, you can maintain your website, and Intranet will be used for internal communications. One set of IDs – unique for each user, of course.

Fewer systems: You can take care of several things with one sign-in, at the same address.
Faster to adopt: Only one solution to learn.
User authentication: Done.

An additional bonus for municipalities

We have a ready-made Finnish Service Catalogue interface! Add the compulsory FSC contents to the catalogue first and then bring the same contents to your website with just a few clicks. We deliver Intranet solutions that can be combined with the Gemilo CMS software. This way, using a single software solution, you can keep your website updated and take care of internal communications and staff briefings using the Gemilo Intranet.