Gemilo Ltd

Gemilo Ltd (business ID 2099088-1) is a perfect technology partner from Tampere, Finland (EU). We are here to help the life of CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to make date-driven decisions and to lead the business operations with their people as smoothly as possible. Gemilo's CEO Katri Lietsala is also the founder of the company.

Low budget? Use ready-made Gemilo solution. This means you will have a monthly or annual subscription and the software is delivered as it is.

Your business is so different that you need something special? If you want to have a tailored software, tailored operational model, customized templates for your company, with Gemilo the smallest software project budget starts from 30 000 € (VAT not included). Gemilo makes sure that Gemilo software fits the customer’s business and purpose in the best possible way. Our packages include the support and maintenance, the monthly fee may differ based on the size of your business. If any technical errors made by us, we fix bugs free of charge.

We love what we do like a craft brewery or the local family business you know. Our work is to make work days of our small and bigger business clients easier.

This is a great day to begin as our customer.


Our garage

Polttimonkatu 4
FIN-33210 Tampere

One call is all it takes.

CEO, founder
mrs Katri Lietsala
+358 40 749 9072

Customer service

We are open Mon-Fri from 9 am to 5 pm. (EET)

Do you have an emergency? Call the number on your helpdesk  or contact by e-mail.

Let us know about you. We are nice and trustworthy Finns.

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