Get — and stay — organized

Gemilo delivers customized CRM and ERP solutions. The Perfect Fit™ for your complex business environment. Get — and stay — organized. Funnels, pipes and reports.

Your company's look and feel throughout the software.

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Sales team surfs on Kanban like a Pro!

Digital Kanbans work for sales, too! Gemilo CRM is an easy-to-use sales tool with customized dashboards, smart tender templates and a visual, modern Kanban view. Gemilo makes it easy for the boss to follow the sales flow! Evaluate the performance of your sales people whenever you want.

Boost your sales


Maximizing the flow of value produced

Tailored Gemilo EIM SaaS solution is a simple, yet powerful combination.

Smarter than a regular folder. Try it.


Digital Innovation process

Gemilo Innovation is the easy way to gather new ideas from your experts and get people involved to develop your business further.

Overall view on innovation

The perfect fit


Productivity tip

The best e-mail productivity tip is to end internal discussions, file sharing and work management on e-mail inboxes. Visualize the work on digital Kanbans. It is a better way to get the work completed than using e-mails as your to-do-list.

E-mails are a huge time suck causing frustration and stress at work places. Mastering e-mails should not be anyone's superpower in the modern age!

Modern Software


Ready Infographics, Reports and Charts

Gemilo add intelligence on Gemilo Kanbans. Enjoy the easy search, filtering your data, the ready-made 1 sec visual charts, table views and even infographics spesifically designed to fit your requirements. This is the easy, relaxed way of knowing everything relevant about your business. You need those facts and figures so why not have it without extra work?

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Streamlined digital business processes help your company to turn relevant, acurate smart data into business intelligence. Better results, but smaller effort!

From the Gemilo EIM software family, we can deliver you either an individual tool or a complete solution that can be cost-effectively customized. The software will be adapted to fit your business and industry. Clear interfaces make adoption easy. Introductory training for main users is included in the package. Further development (such as new functionalities or views, or even whole tools) is possible, as are user authentication and integrations.

Lean and easy delivery

Flexible and modern SaaS software customized to your requirements.

Information security

A backed-up private cloud service on secure servers. Dedicated installation. SSL. HTTPS. Private database. Authentication. SSO. User rights.


European high tech solution. The software is developed and maintained in Finland. Secure software, reliable vendor and service.


Integrations. REST API. Mobile. No installation required. Windows, Android, iOS, Linux.

Notice things in time!

Easier to stay up to date and to share information. Kanbans, tables, alerts, automatic notifications. Interactive.


Gemilo EIM is a GDPR-compliant way to collect, use and store personal data.

Examples of what the Gemilo EIM looks like

The Gemilo EIM software includes the tools needed in your company. The Perfect Fit™. Smart and good-looking.