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Sustainable performance for the larger gains

Growing companies want to lead their business smoothly even when there is suddenly more demand and more work, but not necessarily more people. What a stress reliever when relevant information can be found quickly and the discussions are where the work is!

Gemilo leadership systems are designed for small to mid-sized businesses to run the daily business operations smoothly. This cloud-based integrated business management software is visual, modern and easy to use. Select all-in-one package or order a customized leadership system.

Lead the business, manage the operations

Gemilo's MyGemilo cloud software family

1. Work hours tracking with the product-first approach

Gemilo Hours - As a manager or the leader, you know down to the minute where your employees are investing their time. You still have the control though you let people work remotely and schedule their work flow. Makes the work visible! Modern workplace lets employees take full ownership of outcomes and holds employees accountable. Learn with Gemilo how to do this.

2. The Modern Work

Gemilo Projects - Project management software for easy monitoring and assigning work to foster outcome-oriented performance. Keep it lean and manage the projects without heavy resource planning! You will notice the roadblocks early to offer support to clear them. The big-picture for leaders. An overall view at the project level for project teams, so they can commit to what works and turn away from what doesn't. Resilient team has less setbacks with great project and task management. Efficient timesheets.

3. Sales results

Gemilo Sales - Customer-centric approach helps your business to grow. Turn opportunities, deals and tenders as daily habits of your sales people. Automatic sales reports. Invoice the project hours easily! Learn how much time it takes to get a deal to learn who are your best customers. Effortless - tenders ready in less time.

4. People & talent

Gemilo HR - People operations - Manage easily employments with less manual administration. You will be able to go home on time when unnecessary manual work is replaced with Gemilo's proven operational models and automation! Automated documentation while you just do your job is part of employer's smart risk management.

5. Communications at work

Gemilo Channels to build trust and togetherness. Encourage your people to share the relevant news to encourage team engagement, to celebrate achieving results and to protect time with necessary alerts to support the creative work environment. By addressing the topics central to business challenges openly, the workplace is able to lay a solid foundation with people at its core.

Take advantage of the power of the whole!

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MyGemilo for projects - Assurance that progress is being made

  • Automatic list of projects with work hours to be invoiced.
  • An out-of-the-box production process (production pipeline)
  • Prioritize, schedule and assign tasks
  • Project risk analysis with a click of a button
  • Projects portfolio with search
  • Project communication
  • Shared attachments
  • Notify and discuss
  • Project members

MyGemilo for managers

  • Access to employee's employment content
  • Real-time sales statistics
  • Real-time project statistics Upcoming feature.
  • Real-time working time monitoring by person, by project
  • Visible work - Real-time tracking of work by person, by project
  • Delegate (assign tasks or add to projects)
  • Set clear expectations and evaluate (development discussions, orientation and boarding plan)
  • Ready mechanism for you and your staff to keep contact information GDPR compliant (The EU General Data Protection Regulation)

MyGemilo for sales and growing

  • Easier to have well-managed customer relationships
  • Ready-made sales process (sales pipeline for deals, own pipeline for tenders)
  • Tender tool to create tender PDFs
  • Sales communtication
  • Shared attachments
  • Notify and discuss
  • Contact persons on the deals
  • Product groups, products and pricing
  • Customer database
  • Time tracking, allocate work hours to sales in general or to a specific deal.

MyGemilo for HR

  • Company news
  • Company guidebook (manual)
  • The employment lifecycle management
  • Assign managerial roles
  • Monitor time reports and hourly records
  • Ready-made vacations and leaves process
  • Ready-made recruiting process (recruit form editor, receive applications to an online table with a search instead of someone's e-mail, applicants, different stages, automatic e-mails)
  • Do-it-yourself orientation and boarding plan planner for HR with a ready-made process
  • Models library for orientation and boarding plans
  • Automatic reports and statistics

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Gemilo. Tampere, Finland. Time zone the Eastern European Time (EET, UTC +02:00).

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Ideal tool for the sales team

MyGemilo CRM is an easy-to-use sales tool. Free trial. CRM cloud software which works also on mobile (no app installations required).

  • Automatic sales statistics and sales report.
  • Deals - table, kanban, statistics and search.
  • Tenders - table, statistics and search.
  • Contacts and sales communication.
  • Attach files.
  • Discuss and comment.
  • Notify others.
  • Contact lists management for sales calls - from opportunities to deals
  • Contact list management for marketing to support sales
  • Code-free CRM software

MyGemilo sales process is connected to the My Gemilo production process. MyGemilo Sales also includes a nice tender tool. You can save tenders as models and use the best tenders or parts of tenders again and again.

Boost your sales


Maximizing the flow of value produced

A proven sales, production and management framework makes it easier to build and maintain a high performing business.

The new culture of co-creation allows your employees to work together without departmental boundaries, remotely or in the office.

Tools of MyGemilo software family are simple, yet powerful. This European Software includes several essential tools to help daily work at the office and on the field.

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Digital Innovation process

Gemilo Innovation is the easy way to gather new ideas from your experts and get people involved to develop your business further.

Overall view on innovation

The perfect fit


Productivity tip

The best e-mail productivity tip is to end internal discussions, file sharing and work management on e-mail inboxes. Visualize the work on digital Kanbans. It is a better way to get the work completed than using e-mails as your to-do-list.

E-mails are a huge time suck causing frustration and stress at work places. Mastering e-mails should not be anyone's superpower in the modern age!

Modern Software


Ready Infographics, Reports and Charts

Gemilo add intelligence on Gemilo Kanbans. Enjoy the easy search, filtering your data, the ready-made 1 sec visual charts, table views and even infographics spesifically designed to fit your requirements. This is the easy, relaxed way of knowing everything relevant about your business. You need those facts and figures so why not have it without extra work?

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Streamlined digital business processes help your company to turn relevant, acurate smart data into business intelligence. Better results, but smaller effort!

From the Gemilo EIM software family, we can deliver you either an individual tool or a complete solution that can be cost-effectively customized. The software will be adapted to fit your business and industry. Clear interfaces make adoption easy. Introductory training for main users is included in the package. Further development (such as new functionalities or views, or even whole tools) is possible, as are user authentication and integrations.

Fast and efficient

MyGemilo stays up to date. The subscription fee covers user licenses, maintenance service with updates and the automated backup.


Private database. Authentication. User groups and roles. Option: SSO. Automated software maintenance to reduce issues and downtimes.


No upfront capital investment! The software is developed and maintained in Finland (European software).


Integrations. REST API. Mobile. No installation required. Windows, Android, iOS, Linux.

stay up to date

Kanbans, tables, alerts, automatic notifications. Interactive. Search. All necessary information in one place from process to another.


Gemilo EIM is a GDPR-compliant way to collect, use and store personal data.