MyGemilo is CRM + ERP + HR cloud software made and maintained in EU.

Happiness ☺ is good for business

Yes! Yes! Hello, happiness! Well, hello, money, too.

What would happen if people working for you and your customers were happier at work? Work takes up a large part of your day, and we all know how unhappy people can cause so many problems and risks for your business and even hinder the profitable growth.

As an entrepreneur, you may have to work longer hours without pay just because your customers are unhappy, or pay your employees to do so. Expensive extra hours and even refunds and you want profitability and growth. Who doesn't? Your business is worth so much more!

But is it their fault or fault of bad systems and poor processes?

According to studies engaged employees show increased productivity as well as a far lower rate of absenteeism from work. With a good system in place, also managers and employer are happy, which leads back to even happier employees. Let's make the work place a happy place.

MyGemilo recipe for happier productive work life is the HR, Sales and Production tools combined in one system.

Automate manual routines and easily keep data in one place, rather than scattered across multiple systems, leading to errors and loss of resources. Beat your competitors who are not paying attention to the fact that they are using poor systems or have no system at all.

Transparent modern workplace

Good governance is based on honesty and transparency. It is not about micromanagement, but about a culture where the daily performance of individual teams and employees is visible and easy to monitor. Openness and information sharing are part of the culture of the modern workplace. Someone else may need the results of past work or work in progress. Have it without extra effort.

Work is done together and across disciplines. Work proceeds smoothly from one process to another. For example, the customer experience is influenced by both sales and production. You lead both of those on MyGemilo cloud software.

Take your business to the next level. 
Invest in lean happier work life.

Having more and more systems, is not the answer. Gemilo already helped your business by integrating CRM, HR tools, online time reporting system, project management software into a single system. Next small step is yours to take.

Choose happiness.

MyGemilo is perfect for small and midsize businesses looking to create happy successful work life and to have customers for life. Our mission is to automate everything we can.


MyGemilo is a holistic versatile system and European cloud software.

Software MyGemilo
Lapis Lazuli
English, Finnish
Mobile Yes
On premise
Cloud service
Add-ins For Microsoft Outlook
Integrations REST API. Contact sales
Manufacturer Gemilo Oy 
Country of origin Finland
VAT EU VAT number FI20990881

MyGemilo really cuts over sales, production, customer service and finance, really joining the dots without the extra hassle. Simple to use and smart enough.

Buy MyGemilo

See plans and pricing. Available only in Finland at the moment to purchase this tool online.  Coming soon for global market. Contact sales and request a Lapis Lazuli invitation.


MyGemilo for CEOs - Supporting leadership

  • CEO's schedule
  • Company news and guidelines to share best practices and rules
  • Helps to monitor your organization's activities to ensure the business stays on track.
  • Monitor your business by business area (sales, production, hr)
  • Financial management, excluding accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, payroll and payroll taxes
  • Professional sales, production and HR reports whenever you need
  • Out-of-the-box governance mechanism for HR stuff like hiring new people, giving permissions for leaves and checking the employment related topics when necessary.
  • Real-time project portfolio of all the projects in your company with a risk analysis
  • Company's contact lists and customer /vendor profiles

For staff's sake, order MyGemilo

  • Time tracking tool - where did all the time go, keep track your your hours
  • Employee's schedule - plan and stay on time
  • Projects & tasks to deliver the strategy with visible work and results
  • Deals and tenders if you are a sales person
  • Employment relationship (agreements on vacation days and sick leaves,
  • Shared contacts with everyone to get the bigger picture and to keep the contact information updated

MyGemilo for projects - Assurance that progress is being made

  • Automatic list of projects with work hours to be invoiced.
  • An out-of-the-box production process (production pipeline)
  • Prioritize, schedule and assign tasks
  • Project risk analysis with a click of a button
  • Projects portfolio with search
  • Project communication
  • Shared attachments
  • Notify and discuss
  • Project members
  • Resource management Not yet, but we are working on it.

MyGemilo for managers

  • Access to employee's employment content
  • Real-time sales statistics
  • Real-time project statistics Upcoming feature.
  • Real-time working time monitoring by person, by project
  • Visible work - Real-time tracking of work by person, by project
  • Delegate (assign tasks or add to projects)
  • Set clear expectations and evaluate (development discussions, orientation and boarding plan)
  • Ready mechanism for you and your staff to keep contact information GDPR compliant (The EU General Data Protection Regulation)

MyGemilo for sales and growing

  • Easier to have well-managed customer relationships
  • Ready-made sales process (sales pipeline for deals, own pipeline for tenders)
  • Tender tool to create tender PDFs
  • Sales communtication
  • Shared attachments
  • Notify and discuss
  • Contact persons on the deals
  • Product groups, products and pricing
  • Customer database
  • Time tracking, allocate work hours to sales in general or to a specific deal.

MyGemilo for HR

  • Company news
  • Company guidebook (manual)
  • The employment lifecycle management
  • Assign managerial roles
  • Monitor time reports and hourly records
  • Ready-made vacations and leaves process
  • Ready-made recruiting process (recruit form editor, receive applications to an online table with a search instead of someone's e-mail, applicants, different stages, automatic e-mails)
  • Do-it-yourself orientation and boarding plan planner for HR with a ready-made process
  • Models library for orientation and boarding plans
  • Automatic reports and statistics


MyGemilo The Perfect Fit™ package.

Customized processes, new tools and templates or the tender PDF with your own company brand. Integrations to your company's existing finance system, payroll and taxes software, marketing automation systems or other platforms. New user interface language. User identification with O365 accounts or alike. Services subject to a fee. There is no charge for the offer.

Contact Gemilo Sales or via Instagram @mygemilo 
Want to have a talk with our founder? Contact CEO mrs Katri Lietsala (LinkedIn, EET, UTC +02:00)

MyGemilo introductions and Gemilo consulting

Train & Learn MyGemilo tools 
Training sessions and coaching online or on your premises (additional fee) or join complimentary live webinars. Available for subscribers.

Highly Skilled
We consult digital governance and operating models also without the MyGemilo software lisence purchase.

Customer support

Gemilo. Tampere, Finland. Time zone the Eastern European Time (EET, UTC +02:00).

ps. Sorry for the blog posts in Finnish on this page, but we have not had time to fix this page yet since all our energy, resources and revenues go to developing MyGemilo. Gemilo is a small company building big things with a big heart. Join our journey and we will grow together. - Katri. August 5th, 2022.

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Ideal tool for the sales team

MyGemilo CRM is an easy-to-use sales tool. Free trial. CRM cloud software which works also on mobile (no app installations required).

  • Automatic sales statistics and sales report.
  • Deals - table, kanban, statistics and search.
  • Tenders - table, statistics and search.
  • Contacts and sales communication.
  • Attach files.
  • Discuss and comment.
  • Notify others.
  • Contact lists management for sales calls - from opportunities to deals
  • Contact list management for marketing to support sales
  • Code-free CRM software

MyGemilo sales process is connected to the My Gemilo production process. MyGemilo Sales also includes a nice tender tool. You can save tenders as models and use the best tenders or parts of tenders again and again.

Boost your sales


Maximizing the flow of value produced

MyGemilo Lapis Lazuli version is a simple, yet powerful combination of HR, ERP and CRM software. System includes several business tools to help daily work at the office and on the field.

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Digital Innovation process

Gemilo Innovation is the easy way to gather new ideas from your experts and get people involved to develop your business further.

Overall view on innovation

The perfect fit


Productivity tip

The best e-mail productivity tip is to end internal discussions, file sharing and work management on e-mail inboxes. Visualize the work on digital Kanbans. It is a better way to get the work completed than using e-mails as your to-do-list.

E-mails are a huge time suck causing frustration and stress at work places. Mastering e-mails should not be anyone's superpower in the modern age!

Modern Software


Ready Infographics, Reports and Charts

Gemilo add intelligence on Gemilo Kanbans. Enjoy the easy search, filtering your data, the ready-made 1 sec visual charts, table views and even infographics spesifically designed to fit your requirements. This is the easy, relaxed way of knowing everything relevant about your business. You need those facts and figures so why not have it without extra work?

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Streamlined digital business processes help your company to turn relevant, acurate smart data into business intelligence. Better results, but smaller effort!

From the Gemilo EIM software family, we can deliver you either an individual tool or a complete solution that can be cost-effectively customized. The software will be adapted to fit your business and industry. Clear interfaces make adoption easy. Introductory training for main users is included in the package. Further development (such as new functionalities or views, or even whole tools) is possible, as are user authentication and integrations.

easy delivery

Flexible and modern MyGemilo Cloud software. Buy online. No installations.

Information security

Private database. Authentication. User groups and roles. Option: SSO.


European high tech solution. The software is developed and maintained in Finland. Secure software, reliable vendor and service.


Integrations. REST API. Mobile. No installation required. Windows, Android, iOS, Linux.

stay up to date

Kanbans, tables, alerts, automatic notifications. Interactive. Search. All necessary information in one place from process to another.


Gemilo EIM is a GDPR-compliant way to collect, use and store personal data.

Lapis Lazuli is different!

Every software needs to be coded again. We did not do just a minor facelift to MyGemilo's Lapis Lazuli version. The full-stack development team of Gemilo changed the architecture, data models and the way we maintain the system. We have now moved to the modern cloud service era.

Join us to this journey. We are on our way to be the best European ERP+CRM+HR software ever on the market.

The old Gemilo EIM Rubellite version was looking like this, but it was not good enough so made it even better.